Created by influencer and Netflix reality star Francesca Farago in 2020, Farago the Label is a reflection of Francesca’s love for fashion, travel and veganism. Francesca has been vegan for 8 years and after having trouble finding a bikini that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, she decided to use her creativity to design her own label; one that prioritizes the wellbeing of our environment.

Francesca’s goal is to provide swimwear that makes every person wearing it feel confident and sexy. Her focus is body positivity, inclusivity and to use ethically sourced fabric to create a line that is centred around the protection of our beautiful planet.


Our swimwear is created using seamless, circular-knitted fabric produced with biodegradable nylon. It offers unparalleled light compression and support, with a visually smooth elasticized structure that looks and feels amazing on your skin. The fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

We are part of a new generation of sustainable yarns, manufactured using an environmentally friendly process, which looks good on you and allows you to feel great about your fashion choices.

Although we think you'll love your suit for years to come, the enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula means that when you're done with your suit, landfill conditions permit bacteria to access the biodegradable nylon and digest the waste materials, accelerating the back-to-earth process. Our manufacturing process uses recycled water because our objective from start to finish is sustainable maintenance of the environment for future generations.

Our Manufacturer

We partnered with a Peta-Approved vegan, exclusive Brazilian swimwear manufacturer, specialized in private label.We support the Fashion Revolution Movement and use only premium cruelty-free high quality textiles.

We believe in zero waste; leftover fabrics are turned into beds for animals and donated to local shelters.

All of our pieces are proudly hand made in Brazil.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship all over the world so everyone is included